Problem Adding Slash (\) and Particular Commands In Mathematical Equation

I have succeeded in adding Mathematical Equation using WebViewer, Web Connectivity, MathJax, and JQuery (as seen in Add Mathematical Equation Using MathJax to Thunkable). But I still have some problems displaying some commands. For example, I can not display this


which should be translated into this simple equation


instead it is shown as


I think the problem is related to the way string “\t” and “+” is treated.

Is there any way to solve this? Thank you for the answer.

Here’s the file I used: Show_Equation (1).aia (853.1 KB)

\t is a tab character…

I wonder would \t work here @jeprie?

No, the result is s3

Is there any way to treat this as whole /times (which translated into ×) not as /t and imes

I also noticed that I can not write a simple + (plus) sign.s4

This block can not show a + b = c, it results in a b = c.

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There should be - you might need to do UTF encoding?

Also, I noticed you’re using Thunkable Classic. Just wanted to remind you that we will be winding down Classic at the end of June

UTF Encoding. That’s new to me. I’ll have to learn it first.


Hey @jeprie,

my first suggestion is to port your project over to ThunkableX (I know you weren’t asking)

Second, here is how i encode some text in a URL that is too fancy to work due to having javascript, however this is URL encoding and not UTF

however using this method may be helpful and here is a website to help you learn how to encode what you need to encode

Well, the problem is it is not possible to do this in Thunkable X. I really wish it could.