Prevent users from creating potentially useless apps

On the thunkable x (the reason i selected thunkable classic is because there is no option for thunkable x) public gallery there is a lot of useless apps (e.g. apps that are blank apps meaning that the app is designed but there is no codes or apps that have a very nice title but the app does not have any content). You should sort the apps where the most good apps appear towards the top and those useless apps appear towards the bottom so that is more easier to find the good apps, instead of apps which I consider ‘not supposed to be on thunkable’. In fact more than like 99% of apps i see on the public gallery are useless.

I think a nice place to start would be finding the #powerThunkers and viewing their profiles/project pages. We have lots of great examples for you to fork/remix!!

Here’s a couple

Anyone else want to add their profile here?

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@jared please correct it to /kartik14 :upside_down_face:


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Um… Still not, you added capital K ; please write kartik14 exactly :smiley_cat:

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