Press FAB effect?

Hi All…

Any idea for make press FAB effect?
i have a App, but user say: " I dont know if pressed the float button !!"
the FAB not show press effect to push…

On the other hand, this can generate errors by the number of push that make the calls to service or to the servers

thx s in Advanced !

What in blazes are your talking about?

What is this “FAB effect”?

Hi @B_Hdez, the button should provide feedback when clicked - have you tried reproducing this user feedback on any of your own devices?

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Hello there,
Can this help you?

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I think he wants to say that The FloatingActionButton should make an effect when pushed. The button should show that “Yeah I am clicked!” like it should be noticeable that the FAB is clicked.
Hope so.

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Hi Mr @Domhnall , @kartik

the FAB button is plane, i need visual effect pushed when my users press it…
actually you press or click on FAB and is how click on a picture or label…(not showing visual effect pressed)…
So, the user ask “Pressed or not Pressed the Button?” (when service or answer have delay)

Any solution ?

Im Sorry for my bad english !

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w/o solution yet ! :sleepy:

The floating action button has a ‘background color’ property. Have the click action start by changing the color, and have it restored half a second later.

yes… a good way !

thx u.