Please help me with text input

How can I display an Input Text to a label that’s on another screen?? I already studied the blocks for 2 days and can’t get it. Is that possible??

Hi @mpmobil6vddpps, welcome to the Community.

Since you are a new member, I am guessing you are using Thunkable X (the new cross platform version of Thunkable).

Required Components

For the example I’ve created two screens. Screen 1 and Screen 2.

The app now consist of 2 screens, the first has a text input and a button, the second has a label.

Screen 1 Blocks:

We use the variable to carry over the information between screens. You want to make sure it is an app variable. You can name it whatever you want.

Using the navigate to Screen 2 block will bring us to the next screen.

Screen 2 Blocks:


Here we use the On Screen Opens block. This means every time you navigate to the screen, it will run your blocks, which in this case sets the label to you text input.

Hope this helps. If you were indeed inquiring about Thunkable Classic I can send you a how to on it also, but I am just putting 2 and 2 together that you are a new member.

Any problems just drop a reply here.

Thanks for posting this great question! @mpmobil6vddpps :open_hands: but, Please do search the forum before posting questions. It shows you are putting in the time to study and learn the system. This is a common question thou, and has been asked and answered several times in the past. I myself had the same question at one time!

Here was the first result when searching for your query :wink: