Please help me my thunkable app stops working


please help me i have made a apk from thunkable but when i click a button it shows an error that unfortunetly app stopped working please help me i have tried every thing


Show some pics, error code, a pic of blocks you used. It could be everything :+1:


I am giving you aia you can see what is hapeenjng

Acctualy i shows error when i switch to other screens

Here is the ljnk of aia

Pls help me


ok i will take a look. In screen1 i saw there isn’t a clock component but there are blocks about clock , i think you made a copy\paste without add clock. Anyway in which screen you find the error ?


Sorry but i don’t like this kind of app. Any way add a clock in “first” screen and set scrollable screen “home” to see all buttons or set size buttons or arragments more little. Code about buttons click to open another screen seems right . For me is all, good work .


Brother i have tried but it is not work. Brother please do me a favour i have given you aia file now please fix i would be really very thankfull to you .pleaseeeeeeeee


what is your question? the app works well in live test, add a clock in “screen1” , the block is just added and works. In screen “home” set scrollable or resize component to the size of the screen,you can use also size in % to fit right . Which button give you error?


On third screen when click on one button and go on another screen it works well till but when i press backspace and come back on third screen and click on another button to go on another screen it stops the apps error comes that unfortunately app has stopped working

And i tried every thing


it’s all good. it’s the same code in all screen , post a relevant pic of the error (name for example) or i’m not able to help you . I said you i don’t like this kind of app, i give you all the hints i know


make sure to follow tip 1 and 2



Your images are too big as well as being able to merge multiple screens into one screen…



But when i aded single screens for all images this problem came in that too


Thought more about some of the screens such as, Screen1,Home, about, con and em, there is not much on them and you’re jumping around on all of these screens unnecessarily…

Since you are using responsive screen sizing which is in dp size (1dp=1px)
common sizes

and thereof that I mentioned to big images but if you want to see your app in both mobile and tablet, then you will unfortunately have to have multiple sets of the same image.

Lastly make sure that your images follows the Aspect Ratio
e.g. your image 560x397 should be 350x248 and not as you have specified 350x200 as it consumes more memory to scale the image as you want it…