Please Help I am making a browser app so i need to make it work with oath


ok i am sorry i thought that to reply someone i should tag to that particular person.
but can you please help me…???


Ben @ILoveThunkable i saw your extension web viewer Dialog but i didn’t understand how to use it.
and the .aia file is also not working please help


STOP TAGGING PEOPLE WHO DON’T WANT YOU TO TAG THEM!I dont know how many times. they didnt make this clear?


Then you did something wrong… It should work.


no it is not working i tried in new project also it says 403 forbidden


Well than I cant help


Thanks 4 giving me your time…




I think ben can help me with his extension web viewer dialog but i don’t know how to use it…


I am getting this error when i am trying to sign in thunkable in my browser

Please someone help…
I want my browser to function properly


Do you have “Use External Browser” checked?


No. I don’t want to use external browser
Because My app itself is a browser


Try checking it, it will recognize your browser as Chrome


It will open another browser ?


It shouldn’t, try it.


No… it is not working…


Please read following links:

It’s too annoying, I got like 3-5 notifications just from you. I am busy with a lot of things, from people who paid for 4 hours of help to people who is asking to change something in my extension.

If you need OAuth, just use ExtendedWebViewer extension and it’s method EnableOAuth…


I just thought that to reply or ask someone i need to tag them
and thank you
for the solution…
and one more thing…
i love your extensions.


Thank you very much…
It is working :+1::+1:


how to make a new tab option in Browser app???