Play a sound that doesnt stop unless the app is closed


Hey guys, need some help!
I would like to add a song for my game that doesnt stop playing when I open a new screen ( I have multiple screens where players can buy items with game coins). I have tried to just put the song in each screen but that way the song cuts of and starts from the beginning in the next screen so it sounds quite messy.
Also my sound in the screen starts to overlap (the loop overlaps and the sound plays over itself), which I think might be because i am setting the timer for the sound not exact enough. For example my song is a 3912ms audio file but my clock timer is at 4000ms and eventually you would hear the sound overlap. Thank you very much guys and any help would be greatly appreciated!


I think, you have to keep the screen open to have a player continuing to play

for example if you start playing the sound in the manager screen and then switch to another Screen using the manager screen method, then the player should continue playing



thanks for the reply!
I read through the manager screen method but would it work for my game since the store branches out in to sub-stores so in essence you click the store button from the first screen which takes you to a second screen with 3 buttons that open one of 3 other screens. Not all of my screens are opened from the first screen so i was wondering if the manage screen method would still work.
Thank you for your time.


yes, but I guess, you have to modify your screen switching logic a little bit… you might want to read again how the manager screen method works…

and: use as less screens as necessary…
see also tip 1 here



Thank you very much for your help Taifun! I’m getting started with your advice, really appreciate it.