Phone Call Extension wanted

Hello! I need an extension for outgoing phone call. It is necessary for my project and I would like to pay for it if anyone could take her/his time. :sparkling_heart:

How it works:

  1. Allows reading text (text to speech) and speaking (voicemail) during phone call
  2. Allows recording sound of all conversation (auto voicemail + human reply) during phone call.
  3. When phone call ends, save record.


and the function of getting the number of incoming call before answer it, so that the app can decide to answer or reject.

Some Requests Will simply not work without the Support of Background running services


I think you can do i it using the available components.

@ILoveThunkable is working on the extension “background task”

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Available components are not working at outbound calling. :confused:

You cannot read text (text to speech) and speak (voicemail) during phone call or you cannot record sound of all conversation (auto voicemail + human reply) during phone call.
But! I can make an extension, which detects if someone is calling for 10$. Your contribution would help community.

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I am sorry, that wouldn’t help my project :confused:

I will donate 50€ if somebody can create the extension I’m looking for.

You can donate 1000$, but still no one gonna make this possible. :slight_smile:, for now, it is impossible to do such extension.

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Hi, if you don’t mind me asking, why can’t thunkable handle background task when other apps can? I know there are extension to be built but why can other apps do this and ones built on thunkable can’t?

Is there an api access level that thunkable not is registered for/allowed/totally incompatible with?

I think if some of us non coders had a deeper answer on this it could help stop question about background services that just keep getting repeated in different forms of the question.

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Because we cannot use XML only Java. App Inventor/Thunkable only allows to use Java. In case you want to use Services (Background tasks), you need XML, which is used for declaring existence of a service.

So this can never happen ever. Without being rude mentioning another brand, how is it that appybuilder can?

They seem to have an extension that does this.

Well, this can happen, if you modify App Inventor Sources. But as they said, MIT is not ready to do that yet.

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App Inventor is working on that!


@onur i have tryed to call while that was recording and it worked
it record voicemail and human voice


how can do it for answer

First of all let me say that I’m from Iran , the country with kindness people & great history but like every other Iranian person these days I don’t live at least the standards ! before facing this bad situation I was so active in IT specially online teaching & humanitarian based activities , now i know that i have to do stronger to achieve globalist & a border-less land !
Sorry for this long & unrelated introduction .
about the article i should say playing & recording sounds , generating & detecting DTMF , etc , are absolutely possible , I can do it and attach the full instructions .

We are waiting for your instructions.

Just use Phonecall extension from here:!msg/mitappinventortest/N6B651gvxRw/Au--u1azCQAJ

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