Paypal payment success

Hello everyone, I wanted to ask a question. I state that the app in question is private and would not go to the play store as for a small group of work. I already have a link and I created the app that automatically puts the amount on the webviewer, only I do not know how to intercept the successful transaction, it would be the only thing I miss because it is the only thing that interests in app. when you open the paypal page it starts a timer within which if it does not have this answer it closes the page. I’ve created variables that capture the response code from the URLs, but I can not find the paypal code with a positive response, I think it’s really lacking, but I need help. if anyone has time to help me or advise me, I would be very grateful

no solution for my problem …

I tried to follow some instructions for the express check out, but I still have the same problem, I capture the strings but I do not understand the positive return of the page

you can create the extension for me ? how much is your price ?

I was thinking on the same topic and have a Idea hope it may work-
While creating paypal button they ask you to enter Success URL and Failure URL.
So we can do is that when user closes the web-viewer then we can run a command to check if he visited to Success URL or he visited to Failure URL and then can offer him service accordingly.

I dont know it is correct or not . Tell the results if you try…:sweat_smile: