[Paid] Zoom, rotate, drag image


Hi friends,
in other post I wrote about an extension for zoom image in a Canvas by ScaleDetector.

p299_extension_zoom.aia (113.3 KB)

Now, we have other extension to zoom, rotate and drag image (without Canvas)

  • Features:

  • With one finger drag image.

  • With two fingers zoom image.

  • With three fingers rotate image.

  • Spacing, distance: distance between first two fingers.

  • Angle, dregrees, angle of rotation.

  • Scale. Set scale max. and min.

  • image remains in its box, look in example Image component has a size of 400x400 px, and image file is smaller.

Hola amigos, mediante esta extensión podemos hacer zoom, giro y arrastre de imagen.

  • Con un dedo se realiza un arrastre,

  • Con dos dedos se realiza un zoom.

  • Con tres dedos se realiza una rotación.

  • La imagen permanece dentro de las dimensiones del componente Imagen, observa en el Diseño que el componente Imagen tiene un tamaño de 400x400 px, en cambio la imagen en menor.

p199B_extension_zoom.aia (518.5 KB)
p199B_extension_zoom.aia (520.0 KB) (Last example)
com.KIO4_ZoomImage.aix (12.0 KB)
com.KIO4_ZoomImage.aix (13.2 KB) (Last version 12/oct/2018, Scale max and min.)


  • This extension works in Companion, Emulation but does not work when is installed.
    If you like this extension and you want to collaborate with the work done, you can donate 7€ or 7$ through this Paypal link:


Nice extension.


can we disable rotate/move and leave only zoom (non canvas version)?


Super! I can donate if there any option is to set maximum and mimimum size of the image by zooming (extension without canvas).


@Zdenek_Homola , now with Scale and max/min size.


You’re very kind, Juan!

But I still have a little problem. I want to do a basic operation – to magnify an image, drag to a wanted location in the image and then return to the original image dimension.
When I set the minimum to 1 I hope the image will matches the box boundaries.

But it is usually a bit smaller and can be seen around the white background, then bigger one and so on.

It is maybe when I does not touch exactly the center of the image.

I’m trying manipulate with ScalePictureToFit, but with only partial success.

I miss the third option in dialog not only forbid/allow rotate and drag, but also scale.

Thank you very much. I hope that eventual changes will increase marketability ; - ).



This is a good extension. Adding crop-image-function & text on image will make it full editor app and make it paid version.

Add a preview video once completed.


To disable zoom, set MaxMin max = 1 min = 1

To crop image use this code:

Here an adaptation:

p4A_crop_image_2.aia (443.1 KB)