[Paid] Zoom, rotate, drag image

Hi friends,
in other post I wrote about an extension for zoom image in a Canvas by ScaleDetector.

p299_extension_zoom.aia (113.3 KB)

Now, we have other extension to zoom, rotate and drag image (without Canvas)

  • Features:

  • With one finger drag image.

  • With two fingers zoom image.

  • With three fingers rotate image.

  • Spacing, distance: distance between first two fingers.

  • Angle, dregrees, angle of rotation.

  • Scale. Set scale max. and min.

  • image remains in its box, look in example Image component has a size of 400x400 px, and image file is smaller.

Hola amigos, mediante esta extensión podemos hacer zoom, giro y arrastre de imagen.

  • Con un dedo se realiza un arrastre,

  • Con dos dedos se realiza un zoom.

  • Con tres dedos se realiza una rotación.

  • La imagen permanece dentro de las dimensiones del componente Imagen, observa en el Diseño que el componente Imagen tiene un tamaño de 400x400 px, en cambio la imagen en menor.

p199B_extension_zoom.aia (518.5 KB)
p199B_extension_zoom.aia (520.0 KB) (Last example)
com.KIO4_ZoomImage.aix (12.0 KB)
com.KIO4_ZoomImage.aix (13.2 KB) (Last version 12/oct/2018, Scale max and min.)


  • This extension works in Companion, Emulation but does not work when is installed.
    If you like this extension and you want to collaborate with the work done, you can donate 7€ or 7$ through this Paypal link:

Nice extension.

can we disable rotate/move and leave only zoom (non canvas version)?

Super! I can donate if there any option is to set maximum and mimimum size of the image by zooming (extension without canvas).

@Zdenek_Homola , now with Scale and max/min size.

You’re very kind, Juan!

But I still have a little problem. I want to do a basic operation – to magnify an image, drag to a wanted location in the image and then return to the original image dimension.
When I set the minimum to 1 I hope the image will matches the box boundaries.

But it is usually a bit smaller and can be seen around the white background, then bigger one and so on.

It is maybe when I does not touch exactly the center of the image.

I’m trying manipulate with ScalePictureToFit, but with only partial success.

I miss the third option in dialog not only forbid/allow rotate and drag, but also scale.

Thank you very much. I hope that eventual changes will increase marketability ; - ).


This is a good extension. Adding crop-image-function & text on image will make it full editor app and make it paid version.

Add a preview video once completed.

To disable zoom, set MaxMin max = 1 min = 1

To crop image use this code:

Here an adaptation:

p4A_crop_image_2.aia (443.1 KB)

Nice Extension. for rotating an image we have to use three fingers. is it possible to modify the extension so that we will have to only two fingers (like other android apps) for rotating an image?


Very useful extension. I have donated 7$. Please advise on delivery of Extension.

Thank you for good work and development


how i can used this with canves