[Paid] Whatsapp Sticker Extension Update

A New Extension In App Inevntor Called WhatsAppSticker Extension …
This Extension Helps You Create Complete Whatsapp Sticker App.

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Do you have an email

Update 2019-8-1
1.Added New Features
Remove Sticker From App
Edit Sticker
Create Text To Sticker
2.Fixed Some Of Bugs

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If Anyone Want To Buy Extension Then PM Me

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Contact Me Via Telegram :point_up_2:
PM me

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Não conseguir entra em contato com você

It looks like the creator of this extension doesn’t visit thunkable community very often, and the telegram he posted here doesn’t exist.
Anyone here contacted him succesfully and can tell me another way to talk to him?


Contact Him Via https://t.me/mitextensiondev

Price ?

The extension doesn’t work anymore. Other way?