[PAID] Update 17/04/18 : extension( VIMEO & DMOTION & YOUTUBE ) Player & download



Update 17/04/2018 : > If you need Player like youtube justly buy this extention :slight_smile: : Asynchrone work to get url to play
----------------------------------> Add event when video on Play Video.
----------------------------------> Add event when video on Pause Video.
----------------------------------> Add event when video on full Screen click.
----------------------------------> Add event when video on Download click.
----------------------------------> Add event when video on Error.
----------------------------------> Add event when video get current time on video.
---------------------------------->Add function : PlayVideo & PauseVideo & StopVideo
---------------------------------->Add stat of full screen
---------------------------------->Add loading annimation before get url " 18 annimation & i can make more for you if you need ""
---------------------------------->With this update you can play Youtube URL β€œsome video not work???”

Update 07/04/2018 : Add event when video finish.

hello all i present you a new extension VIMEO & DAILYMOTION & YOUTUBE Player with possibility to download the video.



**New Video: **
BIG THANKS TO ColinTree for the extention : [Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView

Price : 15€

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