[Paid] Read Contact Extension


Hi Andres Cotes @Andres_Cotes. I am a beginner and found that your extension is very useful and interesting therefore I request you to provide this extension to me for free as I cannot afford it. I will be very Thankfull to You


Can I search for a specific contact or number?


yes , extension export csv and you can build list and search


This extension works in kodular? And is it compatible with Google policies?


need this android.permission.READ_CONTACTS


I paid I can get the extension?


@TOMER2526 for questions about payments and questions only relevant for you or the developer of the extension, please send a PM to the developer
for questions about the functionality and everything which might be interesting for everyone, please ask here in this thread
thank you



This does not work in kodular Here is an error message: Attempt to invoke interface method ‘java.lang.Object java.util.List.get (int)’ on a null object reference