[Paid] Read Contact Extension


Alguien que haya usado esta extension en su app puede mostrarmela o seria posible un apk para probar la extension @Andres_Cotes ??


como es el correo


[email protected]


Can you send me please? [email protected]


How to download this extension. If i pay through paypal is redirect to download page or not ??


O Hi Hello you do the transfer and I send the extension by mail


With this extension can you get a contact number by saying the contact’s name with speech recognizer? so it will call the contact after saying his name? thanks in advance


Yes it is possible.


Thanks. Appreciate it.
edit; hey, paid the app; waiting to receive it now :slight_smile:
edit2 : Received it, thank you !


Es posible con esta extensión guardar contactos en la agenda? o solo es posible leer?


por ahora solo leer , pero ya busco info para saber si es posible agragar


creo que puedo añadir estos metodos


Hola, necesito meter contactos en el teléfono, es posible?


How to add a contact to the contact list


Plz… Sent aia file [email protected]


Can you make airplane mode on/off extension 2


Hide my apps like some inbuilt apps make it plz


Thanks Taifun… but… is possible add contacts in the phone witouth user interaction?



How to add a contact to the contact list