[Paid] Read Contact Extension

Hola a todos comparto

extension Read Contact Extension

permite leer los contactos del dispositivo

price 20 USD

return name,number, email csv


Thanks for making this extension!

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Where do I go to buy this?


I can send the extension tomorrow and turn off the equipment

Thank you.

It’s your choice but afterwards you still need a lot of time to make an extension.

Hi Andres,

your extension is very interesting.

I have some questions

  1. can your extension retrieve ALL the contacts on the phone? (on device, SIM card, Google Account, other accounts…?)

  2. I see in the attached video that your extension retrieve only 1 mobile number; if some contacts have more than a number (mobile or not) can they be retrieved? Or can I choose what number retrieve?

  3. Is possible include your extension for retrieve all the contacts at one time?

thanks a lot and best regards!


Is there any-update with this extension ? need a possibility to pull all contacts at a time in a listview…?



csv name , number, email

All Contacts!!! Great job!!! :+1:

Can you update with the possibility to retrieve all the phone numbers (mobile, home, work… fax… etc… etc…) of each contact?



Great!!! :sunglasses:

…I’ll wait…

Can you add a search feature where we can search for the details of a specific number? Like we can pass a phone number and it retrieves the other details of that contact (name,email,etc.)?

Yes sir

Hello @Andres_Cotes

Request you to fix the delay time with this extension. It is very difficult to use it.

App gets freezes up-to 3 seconds when fetching the contacts- This depends on the size of the contact address book, if more contacts more time freeze…


Hola Andrés, podrías pasar una aplicación .apk para poder probarla en mi teléfono antes de comprarla, ya que quiero ver si es compatible. De paso compartiré el resultado.
Muchas gracias y un saludo.



Mi correo es: [email protected]