[Paid] Paytm Transaction extension

This will probably be the first option by which you can transfer money.
This is my new extension through which you can send money from your Paytm account to another’s Paytm account, without any interruption, if you have people’s support, then I can combine the mode of receiving money from one paytm account to another Paytm account.

It’s just a beta version for this, I want 2 people. Who can tell me its drawbacks by checking it for me. But that will not be worthless .To get this function, beta version tester will have to give only ₹ 200.
To get the fully functioning station, pay me ₹ 1000


I think this is only good for india, right? :wink:


It’s awesome! I was Also thinking that it is possible from using Paytm API and Developed a Paytm Extension. Congrats man you have done a great job and become the first person to make this extension. An Example app will be awesome before buying it !


yes becoz Paytm till time only India as per my knowledge

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Ok I’m Paid U

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I love your extension. I was searching for something like this from a long ago. I will buy your extension. But first I need to understand how it works, by making a video on it or by explaining each block.

please PM me

Please send me extension file bro…!!

hey i need this paytm extension… how much??

please give me this paytm extension… i will pay… please tell me how i pay you and how i get this paytm extension???

@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu I need your extension :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
email id : [email protected]
I will pay you

I need your extension. i will pay you.
email id : [email protected]

I need your extension. i will pay you. please contact me
email id : [email protected]

payments details

Which want to pay with the PayPal account.

i also accept payments using Paytm
please scen this QR Code with your Paytm App to pay me .

Paytm Extension ke liye kitna dollar dena padega sir???

Paytm Extension ke liye kitna Dollar dena padega sir ?? Payment karne ke baad mujhe ye extension kaise milega ???

Email kar dunda

kitna dollar dena padega sir?

kintna dollar dena padega sir ??

hey bro i want this extension . plz contact me on whatsapp 7027520407