[PAID] ParticleCreator Extension ($4.4)

Particle Creator



  • This extension can be used to create Particles, which are often used in games for a wide range of purposes: Explosions, fire, smoke, etc
  • You can create confetti effect( small pieces of colored paper traditionally thrown)

2.Methods & Properties



  • image: Set the image with which you want to create particles.
    It’s recommended to use 32 * 32 type images for better emission result.
  • totalparticleNum: Create the total number of images.
  • particleLifeTime: Time after which particle disappear.

Note: Create multiple particleCreator method for new particles(recommended).


  • These are the properties that should be added to particleCreator, for various animation and effects to particles.

  • particleCreator: it is the particle creator which you used for creating particles.





Note: Anyone of the below method is needed to emit particles.




3.Sample Blocks

image image

5.Video preview

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5.Report and Suggest

  • Don’t forget to post your suggestions, bugs, errors and new improvements to this extension.

Really awesome! I like it so much!
Great work mate! Keep developing. :heart_eyes:

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(Edit: That feeling when you just post it, and in the same second a man likes it :laughing::joy:)

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@jerinjacob I have suggestion.
You can create balloons, snow, rain, wind, thunder.
I hope you can add them to your extension.

It’s possible, with current available blocks.
May be I can create some sample videos of that.

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Do you mean that you add “Dust” as picture to the blocks?

Yes, dust is PNG, every particle in this extension is PNG.
Rain, balloons etc can be created using this extension.
See the blocks screenshot for better understanding.

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Would you show me the dust png, please? You know I always asked about an extension like this one. You are really great! Is there a way that I can get this extension for free cos I cannot pay via internet. I am in Iraq, No PayPal supported.


Above is PNG of dust and when more PNG combines together it feels like a dust coming.

Confetti PNG


what is your email i want contact you

My mail Id is

Hi Jakob sorry I asked the question in different extension. Can i use your particle creator extension in collin tree list view for Extra button