[PAID] new extension VariousGrid 4 in one ( New update: Horizontal Scroll 12/10/2018)

i want this extension but i work in Makeroid. Do this Extension work in Makeroid. Can you test it pls. I will buy it if it works there thanks

:slight_smile: be patient a bit my dear customer i was not in my office in the weekend. sorry for this delay.

Yes work on makeroid also

New update: Add horizontal Scroll 12/10/2018

well done!

you are pushing the borders of thunkable further and make beatiful design possible on this platform


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Sir already payment already done. Still did not receive the extension. Please do the needful ASAP.

Can i have the test apk?

No sorry for you

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@said_dev I want to buy this extensin. So, How can I buy this extension. Please tell me

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can someone help e with the blcoks please it does not work if i use lists only, got the aia files but this is too complicated for me.

Nothing work, i thoutth it is easy like collinttree.
And i dont understand why i need a listiew.What should i do with the listiew.
In the aia i see he loads the images, but i put a list in it with the urls itt does nott work.

Please help me

@kryptophil what you do you doing? You dont respect PRIVACY

can someone help e with the blcoks please it does not work if i use lists only, got the aia files but this is too complicated for me.

I did not send anytthing to any other person. my project is holy for me. I dont waste 25 dollar. i asked for help here because i thought that someone had bought it also.

Not more, why should i send anything to other people.

I have a problem with tehe text1 label and text2 label height. If i change the height for the texts it makes not real a different, i put in 1000 and the text is ery tiny.
I dont know how to change the text height to a height where a user can reat the text well.
ATM it is ery smmall. I put in as text: General or Analysis and it is tiny. You have problems to read it well.
I mean the triangle in the corners.

Please can anybody say me if there is a problemm with that or is that noral that the text height does not changed for me. I cannot find any other options to change it.

Please let me know itt.

And please dont say mme i should send my aia or anything else. I dont send anything.
maximum a screenshot not more.

It is not allowed to send a aia or a aix to other people if i do that i will loose my lizenez or people take my projecct and publish it under their own name.

Thank you
Once again i did not send anything to other people.

I want to Buy for only Horizontal grid view
Does is support android 4?
Is images cashe storage feature available in it?

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Is there any other payment method?

How many buttons we can add to ths list?

Paypal or Credit Card
you can put the maximum of button you have in the with of the layout

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I purchased VariouGrid 4 in 1 Extension – With Filter but download link is not working? Help pls…

Private msg please

Hello, i dont sign up your website, i want to get variousgrid ext.
I can’t subscribe to your site. verification mail does not arrive. please write me [email protected]