[PAID] new extension VariousGrid 3 in one ( update 12/04/2018)



New update: You can add more button

The famous 3 in one extension (gridview and listview and cardview with favorite) with a lot of customization possible. (Fast and Work with big list)

I propose you my new extension VariousGrid.

You can use as three types:
1- List View.
2- Grid View.
3- “Card View” style.

For each type you can have:
1 - positioned your text where you want (in their layout).
2 - Used the title and item as buttons using the font.
3 - Used the item with the favored function.
4 - Change the color for each independent text.
5 - Changed the size of each independent text.
6 - Changed the color of the line Title.
7 - A different label for each image displayed (either the color or the position).
8 - Set the size of your “list”, or leave it flexible relative to the text (function with a single column “GridView or ListView”).
9 - Set the size of your “line title”, or leave it flexible relative to the text.
10 - Set the size of your “line comment”, or leave it flexible relative to the text.
11 - Used the title in first line or second.
12 - and More…




14 €


Pay via Paypal
to : S.L (Said-Dev)


You can also contact me with skype:

Said-Dev: [email protected]


@Said_Dev this looks like the best extension of custom listview
can you show some blocks to build this example?