[PAID] New extension to check if app runs in background or in Foreground



Hello all i present you a new extension InBackground.

This extension can check if your app in background or in Foreground.


Price: 3€


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to : S.L (Said-Dev)


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Said-Dev: [email protected]


Can you provide a proof of concept? With a video and more blocks.


yes sir make a video is it work proof or upload some .apk


Concept is very easy when your application is in background, the test return True if it is in foreground will return False


I already figured out it would do something like that :grin: but it was my understanding that an AI or clone app can not run in the background, so how would it be able to check that.


:grin: You can us image


@Said_Dev, can you explain how to check if MY APP is in background, if we can’t put the app in background? Or your extension is just to see other apps in background?


Hello If your app inBackground You can test with this extension. this extension does not work if the app completely closed.


the notification extension can send the app to the background
however the question is, why would someone want to check, if the app runs in the background?


If someone wants to notify the user if he has close the application of the background or he want to notify him that he did not finish his work on the application. Every user has their own vision of how to use


Good Extention. I asked about this logic some time ago with your earlier Extension New extension **Launch my app** >> from recent list in background << :) :) :) add Notification

Thanks for developing this. I am interested in this Extention.



Why not


Does this extension check activity state and returns true or false accordingly?


Check if the APP in background return True


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