[Paid] New Extension planetGame

Hello all i present my new extension Planetgame .

  • The aircraft fired bullets and sliding with the fingers may change the position of the aircraft.
  • Different enemy aircraft have different strike abilities: when the enemy aircraft is hit by a number of bullets, it explodes and the explosion has an animation effect.
  • From time to time, there are double bullets or bombs and other items to reward After receiving double-shot bullets, the ball becomes double.
  • After recovering the accessories, you can blow up all enemy planes in duplicate -clicking on it.
  • You can change all the pictures on the game and background.



NOTE:The animation of the plan and dialog” in video is created by gifView extension & dialog extension, it is not included with extension PlantGame extension.

Price: 25€

Pay via Paypal
to : S.L (Said-Dev)

You can also contact me with skype:

Said-Dev: calach.dev@gmail.com


Ok, you took a complete free java Game from a source like guithub and put it into an extension. Nice, but honestly I don’t thing this is an extension anymore, because this is a complete App/Game. The meaning of an extension is to enhance any builder with features the builder don’t has to open new possibilities in creating Apps. But as i said, this is already a complete App. Just my opinion.

PS: if you did the game yourself from the scratch then congrats!

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I’m sooo gonna buy this and exchange the enemy spaceships with ads… “Ad destroyer” Now that’s a brilliant idea right there! :wink:


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I want free hehe
I hope u will get sponsor
So we get it free