[PAID] New extension HLS Video Player Extension

Hello everyone I present to you my new extension Video Player can play Video and Audio.

1- You can create custom controller put your layout as you like input.
2- Supported format : M3U8 / TS /MKV / MOV / MP4 / M4V / 3GP / WEBM / MP3 / WAV / AAC / SHOUTCAST other in future.
3- Can add Subtitle to the video.
4- You can hide r show Subtitle.
5- Can swipe to seek the video.
6- Can swipe for the Volume and Brightness.
7- You can select to play in background or not.
8- Can play Video or Audio or Subtitle in internal or external URL.
9- You can change Color or Text of ProgressBar for Volume and Brightness and Seeking.


image image

Price: 25€


Pay via Paypal
to : S.L (Said-Dev)


You can also contact me with skype:

Said-Dev: [email protected]


helo sir i am also leave reply in youtube for u u can cheak but i earlier said is ur extention sd hd quality moods i mean options . if users want to play video in sd mood to save data can u r player do it plz reply me

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is ur player can auto compress video option if internet speeed slow

NO dear Geo_News auto compress i think not exist the method is to select between the link HD SD …

“Created by Said-Dev”…Can i put custom watermark as you did in the player?

Does it play .m3u8 with changeable tokens like http://blahblah.blah.m3u8?token=xxxxxxblahblah

Yes work

Can it play streaming video over RTSP?

no dear Jimmy

What are possible variables for videoScaleMode?

i don’t understand your question

@Said_Dev it looks like the question is “what are the possible values or modes for the VideoScaleMode method”?

Exactly. Thank you

I think that’s the watermark of the screen recorder not of the extension… ! So you can’t

can a user add and play links? For example m3u link.

@Esiniti_Eser no sorry

good afternoon,
I bought the extension HLSPlayer and will be sent to thunkable and kodular, only they will send wrong, so no one responds and not even the news, orrible their care.
So far I’m waiting for the version to kadular and so far nothing.
made several email

You don’t receive the email from me ?
2 day now when i send you the answer why you leave like this message

you just answered me the email after i spoke here, else you have some support to help your extension,
which whatsapp of your support

all people here know my support is good , then you share my extension with other or you sell it you are a bad customer i’m really not happy to work with you never ask me other work .
the not sell your work to this person