[PAID] New extension HLS Video Player Extension


Hello everyone I present to you my new extension Video Player can play Video and Audio.

1- You can create custom controller put your layout as you like input.
2- Supported format : M3U8 / TS /MKV / MOV / MP4 / M4V / 3GP / WEBM / MP3 / WAV / AAC / SHOUTCAST other in future.
3- Can add Subtitle to the video.
4- You can hide r show Subtitle.
5- Can swipe to seek the video.
6- Can swipe for the Volume and Brightness.
7- You can select to play in background or not.
8- Can play Video or Audio or Subtitle in internal or external URL.
9- You can change Color or Text of ProgressBar for Volume and Brightness and Seeking.


image image

Price: 25€


Pay via Paypal
to : S.L (Said-Dev)


You can also contact me with skype:

Said-Dev: [email protected]


helo sir i am also leave reply in youtube for u u can cheak but i earlier said is ur extention sd hd quality moods i mean options . if users want to play video in sd mood to save data can u r player do it plz reply me


is ur player can auto compress video option if internet speeed slow


NO dear Geo_News auto compress i think not exist the method is to select between the link HD SD …


“Created by Said-Dev”…Can i put custom watermark as you did in the player?


Does it play .m3u8 with changeable tokens like http://blahblah.blah.m3u8?token=xxxxxxblahblah


Yes work


Can it play streaming video over RTSP?


no dear Jimmy


What are possible variables for videoScaleMode?


i don’t understand your question


@Said_Dev it looks like the question is “what are the possible values or modes for the VideoScaleMode method”?


Exactly. Thank you


I think that’s the watermark of the screen recorder not of the extension… ! So you can’t


can a user add and play links? For example m3u link.


@Esiniti_Eser no sorry