[Paid] Mqtt TCP/IP extension update 9/10/2017



Hello everyone

this extension I have wanted it and for a long time it is mqtt by tcp / ip by this protocol suede much of the communication of facebook messenger


if you want to test the mqtt functionalities you can use mqtt by websockets




20 USD
including support

MQTT Extension for Thunkable
Real-Time Stream Feature
MODBUS communication
Thunkable, Arduino, Android, and Bluetooth tutorials
[Free] Extension Mqtt for websocket Arduino y Esp8266
[Free] Extension Mqtt for websocket Arduino y Esp8266
[Free] UDP client extension

can you make the same with linkedin?


A qué te refieres


i mean, an extension that allows me to have event like “linkedin received message” or “send message”


si puede enviar y recibir mensajes conectandote a un broker


well it seems the next extension i need, sir


puedes realizar pruebas con esta y cuando domines el protocolo pasar a la tcp/ip

pero si quieres apoyar el trabajo quedo agradecido


sure, you have my moral support

i’m joking, but give me a little time, it will take a bit before i use linkedin in my app…


Hi where can I download
Mqtt TCP/IP extension (Paid Extension)
Pls give me the link


Extensión Is paid link paypal.me/AndresCotes 20 USD


Hi before I pay pls let me know do I have to configure setting through WEB viewer like ur free extension??

Does it work with any MQTT broker ??



this extension does not work for websocket, this extension works by tcp / ip and I have tried with different broker and all connects and the users who have not reported problems is connected through port 1883


Ok I’ve made the payment pls send the download link ASAP



email please




Do u have a working app inverter .APK file that I can use…?
As in kinda stuck I don’t get anything out of it… pls help


I think I got it… Please tell me how to set the retained flag.





hello, i’m a new in here, how can i buy this extension? thanks before


Hello welcome to the community