[Paid] Mqtt TCP/IP extension update 4/06/2019

Does this extension support connecting to pptp Centos7 server ? Thanks!

you can use conect mosquito no work pptp

Hello, I’m interested in the extension, how does the buying process work? I never bought an extension before, I have this doubt.
I am from Brazil, I would like to know the price in R$ can you help me?

hello price is 20 usd link , paypal.me/andresotes

I would like to be buying this Mqtt TCP extension, you send in how long


Is this extension still for sale? I would like to use it too…

Thanks in advance…

buen día Andres.

acabo de realizar la compra de la extension MQTT TCP/IP

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Hi Andres! Sorry for noob question, but this extension works with Kodular? I want to connect on my local broker. Thanks in advance.

And the current link may be down…