[Paid] Mqtt TCP/IP extension update 4/06/2019

your contribution is useless… you might want to read the first post in this thread… thank you

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Can you add opportunity send data as byte set? In your extension UDP client.
For example I need send to controller byte set 00 01 DA 0F etc. Your extension TCP client have this opportunity, but i need send UDP.

Please see https://community.kodular.io/t/can-i-send-data-to-controller-via-udp-as-byte-set/23759

I would be very grateful to you.


where did you see the tcp client extension that I created

sorry… I confused. I mean this extension https://groups.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/mitappinventortest/app-inventor-extensions/OCzEZC4FpEU.

But you can add opporunity in your UDP client extension?

i try

Thanks… When can you try?


I am willing to pay money for this addition. If you do it quickly and with support for UTF-8 encoding. Is it possible? If yes, what will be price?

Hi, I made the payment, I’m waiting to send the file mqtt

I paid download link?

i paid


Is it possible to use runtime variables in the topic? For example, I have a topic layout similar to this:


The Thunkable app would ask for the user login name & password, then use their username in the topic subscription & publication. For example:


Is this possible?

Yes this work

Hi Andres,
Just paid for mqtt extension. Please email to marktapp62@gmail.com.

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Hi Andres.

When i use your extension, it will connect to the broker, but when i subscribe to a topic the app stopped en i see in the debug of broker :
Socket error on client 1883, disconnecting.
Do you know a solution?
Ben Klaassen

Please show blocks

Its from your own example that you send me.
Only adress and username etc is changed.
But when i klick the button the script stop.
Note that i suscibed with # , so every topic.

Hi I have your paid version but QoS not there in publish any more (before it was there), please advice how to use QoS

Olá Andres! Como faço pra adquirir a extensão paga?

Hi, I am interested in purchasing this extension too, please email me at usersec22@gmail.com

Hola. Cómo se puede adquirir la extensión de app inventor para mqtt?