[Paid] Mqtt TCP/IP extension update 4/06/2019



Sure. I want to know few things sir. I am going to connect the broker through WAN and LAN. Is it possible to connect the mqtt broker running in local network? Does it includes all the features of mqtt?


if you can connect to a broker locally and the functions are those that are described at the top of the post


Sir, is it possible to get a sample app developed using this extension to check whether it connects with my. broker…?


I have already tried this function many times and it works with all the brokers tines whatsapp. Now I’m doing some tests with this broker








Example video


How to check whether connection is established or not?



Hello, Andres!
I very longly try to cope with your MQTT.
Send commands and receive answers - good!
But when I post any topic from a mobile application,
then these teams are constantly hanging in the broker (cloudmqtt.com)
and when I reboot the device I’m controlling (relay)
occurs independent switching to the opposite.

why all the topics hang constantly on the server (broker MQTT)?
testing do on your example
How do I make topics do not remain on the server?
To avoid self-switching of a controlled device


Many thanks to Andres!
Everything turned out to be simple:
method Retained must be set to “false”Retained
in this case, the topics do not remain in the broker MQTT


Hi Mr.andres
I used your mqtt extension and it has some problem. Please improve it.

  1. Can not publish with QoS 1 and 2
  2. Should be update ssl or tls mode because TLS is to encrypt the traffic to mqtt broker. My app when outside home, i connected to local broker by internet (nat port) so we need encrypt package before send to broker
    Please update.
    Thank you so much.


hello I could not add the ssl to tcp / ip, I think it is possible to do feadture by websockets if you are interested I can try to create it


Can you make the extension include mqtt tcp and websocket working together. I think when in home connect to broker by tcp no need encrypt and out home connect by wesocket with ssl.


Has anyone successfully used the paid MQTT blocks with Shiftr.io MQTT
Looking for some tips on what settings work.

Shiftr.io has a nice GUI. It would be great to support it too.
See http://www.shiftr.io



Hi Andres,
If I pay today will you send me the extension?


Se ve muy bueno compañero, excelente aporte.


Hola, estoy interesado en la extension MQTT TCP, cual es el procedimiento para obtenerla? Gracias


Hola, estaría interesado en la extensión MQTT TCP, cual es el procedimiento para obtenerlo, gracias


@Rodrigo_Guimaraes what about sending a PM to the developer?
probably posting your email address in a public forum is not a good idea, is it?
do you want to attract loads of spam in your inbox?


Hi, how much time after payment to have extension? Thanks, Michele.
Order number WC-1081