[Paid] Mqtt TCP/IP extension update 4/06/2019



the id of the device is of int type, you have it as string type




I connect to the broker that you have configured and send and receive normally I think the problem is in the variable id that you are entering the id you must be a number, this number is different in all devices connected to the broker if 2 devices have the same id will overwrite and the broker will only send the message to the last one defined

  1. Is this restriction of your code implementation?
    After all, this greatly reduces the possibilities!
    my program generates this ID itself
  2. I managed with two clients - it’s yours and the MQTT Dashboard
    MQTT Dashboard gets the data!
    Is it possible to change the data type? I’ve got everything set up on a stream :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


there is no restriction the id is different from the root where you have the data


the data that you send and receive is always of type string but with encode Base64 you can encode any type of string to a string,


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Hello Andres, I have also sent payment to your paypal.me account. If you can send the MQTT extension to [email protected]. Thanks!


Hola Andrés.
Me interesa la extension MQTT sobre tcp/ip. Quisiera saber los siguiente:

  1. Se puede configurar un broker propio (Mosquito instalado en un servidor local como ubuntu, por ejemplo), que no sea uno de internet?
  2. Soporta Usuario/Contraseña?
  3. Al momento de realizar el pago, Se puede descargar inmediatamente?

Gracias y saludos

Carlos Arias


si se puede configurar en cualquier broker
si soporta usuario y contraseña

cuando realizas el pago me indicas al +57 3177959176 y la envió de una vez extensión , si estas en Colombia no se puede utilizar paypal


Hola estoy en Chile…
¿Te puedo enviar un correo?


Carlos Arias


Could you please contact with me from PM? I would like to buy this extension


Does this extension support connecting to MQTT broker over TLS (port 8883)? Thanks!


what platform server or broker


Mosquitto on Debian/Ubuntu


is that I do not understand very well why the tls seen it but for websockets but not for tcp / ip connections

please if you can give a link to read I will have an answer


Thanks for the quick answer. The reason for TLS is to encrypt the traffic to mqtt broker since the app normally will need to connect over internet (which is unsafe). It’s like HTTP vs HTTPS.

Please find some information about TLS with MQTT here: https://dzone.com/articles/secure-communication-with-tls-and-the-mosquitto-broker

Also some sample on how Android client connects to it: https://github.com/eurbon/Paho-MQTT-Android-TCP-TLS-WSS-Example


Thanks for sharing the information, this extension does not have that feature yet


Hello, I sent you money by paypal.me.
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Hello Sir. I need this extension. I m new to this community


hello welcome to the community this is an extension pay the price is 20 usd and you can do it through this link paypal.me/andrescotes When I confirm the payment I send it by email