[Paid] Mqtt TCP/IP extension update 4/06/2019



Hello! I am interested in your product!
Please describe how the application works in the background.
Application receives messages, and whether to respond to incoming information when sleeping?


it works if the app is initialized, so it’s not in the foreground but it’s not a service


I can not arrange to receive messages on your smartphone with the appearance of the sensor signal in the background? as in any messenger?


all the inventor platforms for now can not declare services in the manifest this is what does not allow to establish the extension as a service


Hello! I paid 20$ [email protected]
waiting link
And please give an example script!


I bought a program from you.
give a description of the blocks or an example from the program.
How to receive data and how to send data 11?


hello you checked the aia that sends to you


Yes thank you! file I received.
But I ask you to give either a description of the blocks or a sample code!


you have some kind of experience with mqtt protocol


I work with the MKTT protocol for the first time
I did not think that the sample implementation code would be a problem


with this method you can connect to the broker

the different bkokers are



on this page you will find information on how to install a broker on your pc to perform tests


with the subscription method you can enable the listening of a topic in that way each time another device publishes in that topic the broker will send the information to the device that is subscribed


with this method you can post a message and send it to the broker so that it is in charge of distributing the message in all the devices that are subscribed in that topic



This event will have the subject and the message of the topics that you subscribe.
each time another device publishes in the topic that you are subscribed the broker will be responsible for sending a message to your device and that message will be shown in this event indicating the topic of the message and the message information


This method returns a true or false depending on the status of connection to the broker



This event is executed when your device loses connection with the broker, example when you run out of wifi


This method is used to disconnect from the broker


This method allows you to unsubscribe from a topic in this way. No more messages will arrive from the broker of the subject that was unsubscribed.

you can perform several tests I recommend connecting to a public broker and exchange messages with a PC or other smartphone device
example of communication


this is another mqtt client that works as an extension in chrome

and finally the repository where you can find more information related to the communication protocol mqtt

I hope this can help just like you can ask any question that if I’m awake I’ll replenish it briefly


Andres Cotes


Thank you very much for the detailed explanation!
I have a question on the connection state method.
Why does the connection always give a FALSE answer when I click the “Connection_onoff” (connection test) ?
Although I am connected to a broker and now operate a switch.Image 3


Waiting for your answer! I can not configure receiving messages! works only sending.


Hi, today I check


to receive messages you must subscribe to a topic and broker will send to your device the messages that are in that topic

  1. I understand it! I will say more: I have subscribed to all topics!
    I’m checking MQTT Dashboard and there I get messages!
    screen attached
  2. There is another big problem:
    when you turn on the connection with the broker, my relay is switched.
    In the application MQTT Dashboard this does not happen!


The data comes in the following form (String):


Here is a screenshot APP Inventor
and a screenshot from the cabinet cloudmqtt.com


in connection, the state of the connection works



I’m going to connect to the broker