[Paid] Mqtt TCP/IP extension update 4/06/2019



Hi, i want to use the MQTT TCP/IP extension, how i pay for it, what i need to do, send link to pay. Thanks


paypal.me/andrescotes 20 usd


I am interested in purchasing this extension. I want to ask a quick question. Please email me at jlshackelfor at ualr.edu


Hi, I am interested in purchasing this extension too, please email me at [email protected]
thank you


Hello, I sent you money by paypal.me.
Please send me an download link for Appinventor MQTT TCP/IP Extension.



hi martin
please confirm me if I get the extension to your email


hi andres,
i sent you the payment by paypal.me with my account [email protected].
You can send me the extension (MQTT TCP/IP Extension) to same email-address ([email protected])

thank and best regards,


Thank you very much, Andres,
I got it. All is perfect.


Hello everybody.
I want to be able to send/receive tcp data from/to my android device as a tcp client that connects to a tcp server.
Is this “Mqtt TCP/IP extension” the proper extension for this?
Is there an example anywhere?




hi this extension allows you to create a tcp client


Thanks for the kind reply.
There is no .aix file there.




Thanks. I will test it later today.



Hi I bought your MQTT extension for $20 some time back.
Publish with qos=0 works fine
With qos=1 or 2 is not working properly.


Hi Andres,

Could you please indicate me how to get this extension. I have sent the money yesterday.!
And I need it urgently

Thank you in advance.


email PM


— erased —


A friendly hobbyist who is proficient in Java has created a working UDP extension for me and for his project. Everything works. Even error codes can be read out separately. Naturally also the local IP queried, as well as answer haven and Ip of the sender are read from the header of the incoming message. Of course, the header of the outgoing message is also created and transmitted correctly.

Demanch is no longer needed this extension. I’m sorry for you Andres.

Download at http://bienonline.magix.net/public/android-AI2-UDP.html

Everything open source.
So everyone can see for themselves whether he can still improve something.


Could be this extension used with mosquitto mqtt broker?
Thank you very much.


yes sir you can connect to any mqtt broker