[Paid] Load you 3d file obj,3ds,asc,md2 and text in Scene3D

You can open your 3D file in Scene3D. Currently supported formats are MD2, OBJ, 3DS, ASC format. Of course, you can also use the Object3DHandler plugin to create a custom 3D object manually based on the vertex list, normal vector list, uv coordinate list, and index table by the CreateObject3D method. This means you can write your own in ai. The model parser parses the model file in an ASCII-based text format. Of course, you can also use Maya, Blender, 3ds max to convert other formats into a supported format of Scene3D Loader and import them.
PS: 3DS, the OBJ file is loaded with an Object3D list, and MD2, ASC can be directly loaded into Object3D. If you need to merge all the Object3Ds in a list into a whole, you need to use the MergeAll method in Object3DHandler.

Of course, with Loader, you can also develop a more beautiful AR app with the AR plugin.

Download Scene3D:

The fps effect in the video is an OBJ car model opened with the Loader plugin and an MD2 keyframe model. The Camera plugin is also used to control camera motion and change the angle of view. In addition, the Cube with UV coordinates created by the ExtendPrimitives plugin.

Now Loader plugin is for a fee, it is 10 USD.

If you are interested in Loader, you can contact me:


Hi! I’ve tried to contact you @Zhangzqs by e-mail and by WeChat without success. Could you please reply me? Here you are the text of my message.

My name is Paolo Tealdi, I’m an italian computer science High School teacher. With my students we have tried your [Free] Augmented Reality Plugin on Scene3D ([Free] Augmented Reality Plugin on Scene3D) and in particular your “Scene3D_AR.aia (737.4 KB)” sample app. We’d like to create a free App Inventor 2 Augmented Reality touristic app for educational purposes, but we need to use our 3D models (OBJ, MTL, JPG).

Could you help us?

Thanks Paolo Tealdi
e-mail: paolo DOT tealdi AT gmail DOT com

Now I am refactoring the entire Scene3D framework because the first version of Scene3D has a lot of serious problems and poor performance.So please Please wait for a while, after the refactoring, I will release a lot of 2.0 version components.

I’d like to buy the last version too :slight_smile: