[PAID] Image Cropping extension

Yes, please contact me through private message.

Hi, I wanted but : “Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.”

Oh, I’ll send you a message then.

these blocks does not save the cropped image on the phone

my bad it saves the cropped image … here are the blocks for beginners like me :slight_smile: to see where are the image is saved… great extension thank you

I need this too… did you get it?

this is a paid extension… you might want to contact the author to get it
to ask someone else to get a paid extension for free is something which can’t be tolerated in this forum


thank you Taifun, I already contact him, and we made a deal :slight_smile:

Magic Egg extension was a part of Easter Week event, it’s no longer obtainable.
Best regards,

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The extension works in kodular?

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Hello, it does.

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How I can buy your extension?

hello i pay with paypal but I have not received the extension, I read that you commented that when making the payment the extension is automatically sent via email but I have not received it

Hello, @prepanext72t4,

please check the email that you have linked to your PayPal account. If you still can’t find the extension, send me a private message, I will send you the extension directly.

Best regards,

Hello @ILoveThunkable ,
I already checked my email also in the spam section and it does not appear, you could send me the extension please. Thank you

Hello, @ILoveThunkable,
I’d like to purchase your Image Cropping extension.
Please send me an email njaewooo@gmail.com .
This system does not allow me to send a private message to you.

Hello, @njaewoooce,

please purchase the extension through App Inventor Store or just send 10€ through PayPal.me. If you buy through the App Inventor Store and don’t receive the extension, please let me know, I’ll just send it directly to your email.

Best regards,

Hello, @ILoveThunkable,

I paid $10 3 hours ago in App Inventor Store by paypal(not login, just pay with credit card).
After payment, the site show me the 404 error page.

I didn’t receive the extension file yet.
Could you send me an extension directly to my email?

I attached a receipt.
Thank you!


thank you for informing me about the 404 error, will need to fix that! I have sent the extension to through a private message.

Best regards,


Thank you for sending extension file.
I tested this extension but there is an error.

I cannot fix it. So please help me to use this extension.

Taifun said that google block to use uri like “file://”.

I attached screenshot.