[PAID] Image Cropping extension

What do you mean download option doesn’t work? Please send me a pm of more info.

Any response?

Hi. I bought the crop extension and I need the .apk or .aia to know more of this extension. Please, send to
me in: jptoledo @ hotmail . com and jptoledobh @ gmail . com and jptoledo @ bhportal. com. br. Thank You.

These are the blocks:

Hello, thank you for your purchase. App Inventor Store automatically sends you an email with your purchased product, you may want to look at your spam folder.

Thank You for help me.

It’s work now.

I am from Iran and it is impossible here to do pay_pal payment and im realy need your extension. so I have to request you to sent me for free.i’m never forgot your help mrasad903@gmail.com

I bought your extension today (together with the really nice easter egg extension :rabbit::sparkles:) - is there a way you could enable certain aspect ratio to be forced? I would need the user only to be able to select a square, not free form :thinking::see_no_evil:

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I could do that on the weekend.

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did you try if you could do it? :slight_smile:

I did it, but I’m too busy to send it :smile:, this Friday I will send you the next extension

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hi, i need to know if work for me first, can you send to me apk ?

thank a lot


@Chris I need your email address.

Sorry, I do not offer test apks due to possibility of decompilation.

I need to know what I’m going to buy but fine, there’s no problem …

If you are interested for a feedback, you can ask Thunkable users who bought this extension.
@Chris @mannankhanabdul @italo @habboubih @jptoledo

are you shared your app on playstore i need its link to test please

Hello, I liked your Image Cropping extension. I want to congratulate you on your excellent work.
Please send me the paypal link to make the payment and get this fantastic extension.


Hello, take a look at https://www.moliata.com/APP-INVENTOR, thanks!

Hi, is this extension still available to get from you by donation ? thanks