[Paid] Grid Cardview Extension


I want to buy this extension. How much I pay for this extension. Please tell me.


What about reading the first post?


Just pay developer and mail him


What does this mean ?


Can I use horizontaly card view


Hi, I try change columns in live. I have a button to change the grid to 2 columuns and another to change the grid to 3 columuns.

Well, buttons don’t work. If I change number columns in the components and test it, it works, but using buttons it’s impossible.

Can this be done?


can I display data from airtable on it.






any one provide a sample apk which is made through this aix


Just buy it !


Iam interesting buy this product


Hello bro iam sent money but not received extensions how bro


hey are u the devloper of this extension

he said that he sent money to you


anyone who bought this extension also, please help me how to use it, some error occurred when i test the apk.


Buy from developer :joy::joy::joy::joy:


sir , how to buy this .


@Adil_khan for questions about payments and questions only relevant for you or the developer of the extension, please send a PM to the developer
for questions about the functionality and everything which might be interesting for everyone, please ask here in this thread
thank you



It is working fine in test mode but not after building apk