[Paid] Grid Cardview Extension


paid already


LoL :laughing: Rp 2,44,000 In My Country I can Enjoy for 2month :joy:


I will pay for this extension. When am I going to get it?
And can I use this extension in unlimited project or is it available only for one project?


Yes for your project without limit, but its just for you.


I have bought But I Cant Use On Another Account Because I Not Have a_key for another account :grin: but i am able to use account for which i requested


I am paying you $16. So when will you send me this extension?


Sir , I already paid


please write a personal message to the developerā€¦
this information not really is relevant for the community
thank you


Please check your email.


Please give me the apk


Please send the extension to
[email protected] Thank Mr Kus Zab


Sorry to say but I think itā€™s not going to happenā€¦


Hi sir [Paid] Grid Cardview Extension how to by


I wanna buy this


i hope the developer dont give you the apk. If he is not stupid you will not get it.


Grid View not showing when we are using it for app like story saver. Do you have any solution?


How can i adjust the hight & width of the card


Is there any view
Like on horizontal scroll arrangement
I think u know what I mean

Some how like Iflix


You can visit

to see all my extensions.


Is that availableā€¦
On this extension