[Paid] Grid Cardview Extension


I Mean at Fabio @Issam_GHIZLAN


Congratulations on the work!

It’s great!

Do you intend to implement the search function?


Maybe for future update


Ya realize mi pago por paypal, gracias


I send a couple minutes ago




@Fabio Can you show me an example how you implemented the “add to Favorites”?


This function is not yet available.


@Kus_Zab are you planning to implement this function soon?


Hello folks

I was unable to get this extension to work. Thumbnail works only on the companion if I use (/folder_name/example.jpg) and it does not work when I build the app. I tried using the following and none of them worked after I build the app:


None of the above worked. I am not sure how you got it working. I’ve noticed that if I replace the thumbnail with a URL, it works even after I build it. But it doesn’t work if I choose to add a thumbnail from the phone’s memory or the Picture folder.

Anyone got it working?


Hi. Can you send to me apk in lascape i make app for tv and i need to see if it Work 4 column

Thank. [email protected]


Hi, I’ve already paid. When can I receive it?


can you give a demo app


Me too,can you give me a demo app @Kus_Zab ?



Why ??? D: is .JAR


Agan @Kus_Zab, untuk buat toko online bisa ngk gunain extension ini…
Overall nice extension


I’ve already paid. Can you send the extension?


Can you send me this update? I’m interested in icon over the image too.


Hey, You extension workers fine when I test it in companion but when I export the app it did not show anything


I am using it in makeroid