[Paid] Grid Cardview Extension



  • Glide Image From Internet
  • Caching on Storage, So no wasting data internet on downloaded Image
  • Customizing card
  • Dynamic grid count
  • No using any lib (smallsize)
  • Smooth on big Data

Update (15/02/18)

  • Add TriangleLabelview by shst on github (Can customize Position, Color, size)
  • Add RoundedImageView by vinc3m1 on github (best quality for image)
  • Fixing scaletype function (Stretch, Fit, Centercrop)
  • Remove Black background when scroll or touch(on Lower sdk, not here)

Price 16USD


another video

Blocks And Property

Update (15/02/18)

Card view extension

Really useful extention. Great Job. I am interested to buy.


Thank bro


I’ve already paid. When can I receive it?


Just Send You @Fabio Thanks


¿Acepta el pago por EBANX?


paypal only


Can you elaborate block and how to use that??


hey bro. after select if it can show the VALUE or NAME of the cardview instead of index then it would be helpful and i will definitly buy the extension.


Im sorry, just block like that


did you see the videos? You cansee the block after clik, its provide list of all value


yea i saw the videos but they are showing the index number of the object which is clicked.
Value name of the object is needed


Looke at screen title?


oh man now i see it ,…thanks :smiley:


Excellent extension. Congratulations on the work!

I tested it and it fits perfectly.

Is it possible to insert some text above the image? Or create a bookmark button at the bottom?


@Fabio Give me some examples. I’ll make that as sugestion


Great !


Ex.: add to Favorites



Thanks Bro. @Fabio I send You the update


where the update?