[Paid] ExtremeCustomTable Updated (27/01/2018)

just wait, dont worry. I’ve trouble with my computer, just busy with restoring data.

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Just revised previous update

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just got the update.
now the question is: why this extension is not bought from everyone?? it’s so INCREDIBLE

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This extension is awesome and works great! I am using it to display scores for a game using TinyDB. I am converting over to Firebase DB though currently, but no clue how to display the data like I was with TinyDB.

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Why you didnt store csv table value to firebase tag,but i dont know how much firebase cant received long string, i store very long csvtable, fb still can handle it

Hmm, not sure I quite get what you mean.

Just pm your blocks or code, you store the value look like

Okay, will do.

Hi @Kus_Zab, merry christmas!
I didn’t try the update cause i’m out for holiday…is it possible in this update to set the color of the text of a single cell? And it will be possible to display a webviewer?

To set color possible, webviewer Imposible. wait for future update @Diego_Marino

i cannot use this ext cause i want to see where you are going.
you are just GREAT

I included two buttons on the table. How do I assign different functions to each button? Is it possible to get the column number of the button I’m clicking?

I know your question, but I don understand what do you want with the ext, screenshot maybe.

I want to use one button to decrease and another to add

Split the value first , its contain 2 values

Could you give me an example. The value is in column 5

Thank you!

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hi @Kus_Zab, i should now start to use this ext, may i wait for the update? i mean, if i work with it, maybe later in the update i could lost the blocks made with the current version?

You dont need the update, cause is unpredictable the update finished, , dont worry if you already build the blovks, if i didnt change the function wouldnt be some error, only. The code that i must to change but it will be minor

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