[PAID] Extension ViewDragger (Drag and drop components)

Extension ViewDragger

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  • Use this extension to drag :point_up_2: components (not all components) all over the screen and drop into the specified arrangement (horizontal and vertical arrangement).

  • The extension is still in beta stage

    :warning: Currently the extensions have two known issues or errors :warning:

    1. When more than one component drops into an arrangement, components are overlapping (see the video for more info)
    2. There is a bug found when using a button with a background image (solution: use imageview)

    :arrow_forward:[ Sample Video]

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    Note: Read the content fully before buying the extension

    Size: 11kb

    :parking::a:YT:m: (INR 72= 1$)
    Contact me after payment with screenshot for the extension(only for paytm payment)

    :parking::a::parking::a:L (1.5$)

    PAYPAL.ME (1.5$)
    Contact me after payment with screenshot, for the extension

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    Feel free to contact me in case if you have any doubts regarding the extension and also if you found any bugs and errors.
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    Usefull Extension. Nicely done!

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    Hi i want this extensions is it possible to drag muiltiple items

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    As you can see in the video.