[Paid] Extension to change Ad unit ID for AdMob Rewarded Video Ads and Interstitial Ads

Is there any extension which can be used to change Ad Unit ID.
All i want is to get ad unit id from firebase or any other cloud storage i can do it , but how to apply it to the ads?

It can make Cheaters to stop copping the app that Thunkers created by their hardwork.I saw many Youtube Vedios telling to “Just change the add unit” by use of some apps like APK Editor and steal the hardwork of the appdevelopers.

If there is some other way to Stop people from Stealing the app ( except of patents) please tell . Thanks a lot

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you cant change ad unit id after build

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But is it so? will be able to do in future?
I mean it will be really convenient dont you think.
Just after screen1 initialize call for unitid from firebase and boom here it is.

we can change ad id using firebase

kha milega ???

dear please give me this extation how to download this tell me fast

hey bro give me the extension

He told you that this is the paid.
If you give him money then he will give you.

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this is possibale


how much your extension?i want to buy it.

in dollar,how much?

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it is not recommendable to set an ad unit id dynamically

Can u explain,why not commendable ?

because someone could edit the variable of Ad Unit Id

Dear ivan, I was send you PM for buy StartApp extension. Are you have to read?

This AIX price?

30€= How much $?