[PAID] extension StripePayments :)

I present for all my new extension, Stripe Payments you can paie online with bank cards. if you do not know Stripe visit the website: https://stripe.com/.

Good for personne cherche to make ecommerce App.

If you were interested in my extension thank you for:

1- Check if your country is supported on the website https://stripe.com/global.
2- Contact me before sending the money so that I communicate you all information on the extension.




Price: contact me


Pay via Paypal
to : S.L (Said-Dev)


Said-Dev: [email protected]


We have launched Stripe into our new cross platform - Check it out at x.thunkable.com!

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Great Said !

supported for Android ?

Unfortunately, no. But if you build you app in Thunkable X, you can deploy your app to both Android and iOS!

@amrita Dear i think Attention should be given to the android stand alone platform as well. it is been completely ignore and that is not cool at all

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Is this extension available now?
I am using X.Thunkable, so is it also available there?

Can you please point me to where I can download and install the extension?
Thanks in advance.

Hello dear @tonyz80 Thunkable X not have extension

@tonyz80 we’ll be releasing a new payments component later this year.

thank you @domhnallohanlon for the reply.
Will your payment extension include only Paypal or others such as Stripe?


thanks @Said_Dev.
@domhnallohanlon has replied that a payment component will be release by ~ end of year 2020.

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Hello, I am interested in buying the extension, would you have an apk oraia file to test it? If that’s what I’m looking for, I’ll buy it tomorrow