[Paid] Extension CustomListView Filter update 4/05/2017




andres i want to use those 2 particular blocks OF the extension so i need blocks pic or aia file.




thanks. and cant u share the .aia file in PM ? i have already bought this extension


that methods only do is give the configuration of the web component to download the images in the example that you send this example if you need to download from a url just put the complete URL also you can see the extension of the web addon is opensource


oh i see and wats the use of GetCount and Update Progress blocks ?


the getcount obtains the size of the list and the update is to establish a line of progress to visualize the downloads


thats exactly i want to do…i want to visualise according to the images downloaded from drive. so i need help for that. i have list of images in drive folder. as the images are downloaded , list should be updated


thats why im asking for aia again and again . kindly share the aia file in PM . many things willl be clear at once for me :slight_smile:


email PM


[email protected] my email.


I need this extension…Please tell me how i paid Money.my email [email protected]


Hello, i have a question. What happen if text too long? It will break new line or marquee?


Space is accommodated


i tried this method, i can’t get spreadsheet data from CustomListView Extension/ Please help me @Andres_Cotes







paid, wait for the AIX file, thanks!