[Paid] Extension CustomListView Filter update 4/05/2017


sorry if i’m inopportune and OT, but i do not recommend bitcoins, they are dangerous


I think the discussion is getting off topic with payment methods available.
Not useful with respect to the extension itself
Maybe separate to a new thread?
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Did you solve this problem? I have this problem too!


The extensions of Andres are worth more than their money … and most extensions of all other developers too. Thanks for the good work.


Unfortunately I have a big problem with the update from 18.11. The application crashes completely (Thunkable has been closed). The version 9.11. works fine, but good things are missing there, e.g. many “AfterSelectings” and others. Someone an idea?


berni the error is with the custom listview or with the sidebar


Sidebar works fine, the problem is the CustomListview


the file that sends you as an example works correctly


yes… but when i import the update in this example than breaks thunkable



Hola como hago parapagar por esa extension?




Hi Andres

I just transferred 15$ for this extension via Paypal. Would you please send me extension?




I received extension. Thanks @Andres_Cotes
How to use “ADD” Method? First Item added to Custom List correctly but next ones not add. Any Idea how to solve this?



Hi Andres,

I asked you to send me an update of this extension, but the file (aix) that came is the same as the previous version. We did not find any new blocks.
Can you send me again?


Email please


[email protected]



Thanks Andres, now I receivedb the correct version.
a hug


Hey @Andres_Cotes can you send me the more clear pic of blocks ? i want to use DownloadImageUrl and DownloadDrive methods of the extension but unable to do it.
Share the more clear blocks image.


In a moment I send them


Thanks @Andres_Cotes i have bought the extension . if you can PM me the aia file then it would be helpful too :slight_smile: