[Paid] Extension CustomListView Filter update 4/05/2017


Can you please tell me the use of Aphaicon , alpha text and elevation ?




Is there any search bar?


Hello @Andres_Cotes

How do I set the scroll position? When selecting an item I make a change in the list and load it again. This is losing the position of the scroll, facing the header.


You checked the example that I sent you, it has 3 buttons
the last button obtains a csv listing


How Do i Buy This Extension




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what’s new update ?


see at the bottom of the 1st post and at the topic title… :smiley_cat:

it would be nice to post a screenshot too… :wink:




you can util this extentension ListView custom filter extension is free


That’s your problem, we won’t give a free extension. “There ain’t such thing as a free lunch”. Developers work hard to make extensions and if they want to make extension paid, they will. If you want a drone, no one will give it for you because you want it


Hi @Andres_Cotes

Some of our countries are not listed for paypal so can’t make payment for your cool extensions.

May I suggest you create an app that can let us pay with Google (in-app payment) and download the extension. That is the only way I am able to even pay for my AppyBuilder Gold subscription.

In meantime, any alternative to paying for this extension?


Google takes 30% of the payment…
which country is it? what about Bitcoin in your country?



I’m not sure about bitcoin


Ghana and I have said it over serveral times that our country does not support PayPal (not on PayPal Listing) the only solution is Visa or MasterCard as Mr. Owusu suggested. If PayPal was possible, I would have gotten your PDF extension when I needed it but we are out of that payment process/method.


You can try to pay the extension of YouTube in inventor.life


I was talking about Bitcoin and NOT Paypal

If PayPal was possible, I would have gotten your PDF extension when I needed it

and talking about the pdf extension, I also accept Bitcoins…


Thanks for the link. Will research into it and see how possible it is. NB: Bitcoin is new in the system (our country and Every one is careful on how to go about it) interms of security