[Paid] Extension CustomListView Filter update 4/05/2017




Buenas tardes

comparto apk construido con la extension custom list View

CustomListView.apk (2,3 MB)

Gracias @Sander por apoyar este trabajo extension SanderListView Custom Design

GET data Google Spreatsheet



Price 15 USD

Custom View 35 USD with your design. and filter



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:frowning: i waited for free


@Andres_Cotes this looks great! keep up the good work!
@Yusuf_Deniz you might want to read here more about TANSTAAFL


Dynamic Components

@Andres_Cotes, fantastic job!!! I waited for this for a long time!!! Keep up you good job!!! Can you pass me your paypal?


hola muchas gracias




it’s great…but is possible to change the structure?


tengo una que se puede cambiar la altura y el tamaño de la foto


I need total freedom on structure the listview… but congrats for the extension.


Hi, how do I purchase this extension? I sent $10.00 via the Paypal link. Is that all I need to do ?



Contact the seller to make sure he has received your money. i have never used paypal before but if PayPal gives you receipt, show it (screenshot) to the seller


CustomListView.apk AIA ???


Paid Extension


I know I already have her. I want the APK CustomListView.apk


el apk si lo puedes descargar
hay esta el link


Hi Andres,
with your extension i can to download the images from the web and insert in the list? I must extract the text from a .csv on line and I have to download the images from the web, put them in a variable and then upload them to your list, is it possible? Does your extension work only with Thunkable or even with AppyBuilder?


Si puedes descargar las imágenes en la extensión las descarga de drive pero hay un bloque que la descarga de cualquier URL y si funciona en Appybuilder. Debes poner una imagen default en los assets.


Super awesome!


faz um vídeo como usar,estou apanhando aqui rsrsrs


I do not understand … can I download pictures to a device folder and put them in your list?
I can also use Thunkable if it is needed … but I want to be sure it works


Si lo puedes hacer, siempre estamos aquí para ayudar