[Paid] Extension AwesomeDialogs $1.5 (Version 2)



How do i use the after text input & how do i get the users inputted text from the ‘inputs’ list? I only use one input field.



can the image dialog be bigger so as to cover a bigger part of the screen so as to use it as a splash screen??
is there any setting already available that I can’t find??

thanks in advance for your reply


how to pay bro via paytm,
when i click pay Using Paytm
opened the website of Paytm Nothing happened after being logged in,
tell your paytm number


Hi @Tsdeveloper,
Updated paytm link try again.
Thank you


hello jerin bro i have already purchase this AwesomeDialog aix but not use this till now
can i use this for making privacy policy dialog in app
if yes so how.


Write your privacy policy in an label , and put it arrangement with all your design and using my extension create dialogue of the arrangement.


Hello, Jerin!

I bought your extension, but I dont know configure this:



  • ImagePath - path to image from storage or url
  • downButtons - List of buttons on bottom layer
  • topButtons - List of buttons in top layer
  • width and height - set to zero for automatic sizing of buttons

Can you help me, please? Can you send me an example?


It creates a dialog with image and buttons, fill the block with appropriate blocks.


hi @Jerin_Jacob i just bought your extension and i have to say this is really great and you did a awesome job!

I was wondering if is possible to add some text on image Dialog or add a image on [text dialog] component

something like this

I know at the moment is not possible but in a future update ?


see the *.aia file, there you will find examples :wink: