[Paid] Dialog Any Extension by Kus Zab (sponsored)

This extension make dialog of any view component like: label, button, listview, etc. Including layout with its contained

one component set up many component

I set Price $10USD and to be sponsored if reach $30USD.

here preview

here my blocks


Download here


Awesome :heart_eyes:


Very nice extensions


Astonishing :smiley:


wonderful. it works even with web viewer?

Should be work, :grinning: like the name just try and work

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sure, i have only to format my pc that is like “the possession” or “the exorcist” right now :smiley:

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can you share an aia apk example?

hi @Kus_Zab, if this can dialog webviewer too, i want it

Yes It can but risk of OOM, Why you didnt Use webviewer dialog by ben?

itìs great, but there is only one button…and i need more buttons
why i risk OOM (out of memory if i understood)?

hi, i’ll take this extension
i use the same paypal?


How can i buy this extension?

Thanks to all member this ext fully sponsored

Download from app

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Very beautiful app
Can you post its aia or block , If you do not have any professional problem?
It will prove to be a milestone for us.

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Hello @Kus_Zab Is this extention paid or already sponsored?


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Couldn’t download the extension from your app

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Download syestem not avillable… :disappointed:

Would you send the aix to me, please?
This is my email: hayder.ghazi.eng@gmail.com

Would you send the aix, please? I am waiting for it.