[Paid] Click/ long click listener extension

I suggest you make a video demo for people who may want to see if your extension is what they need.


i agree
in fact, i do not see, for my app, the advantage of having a label that works like a button

Its not only a clickable label option that the extension have.

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If you don’t like extension or don’t need it. You don’t buy it, simple. Maybe other people will gonna need that option…

I will see what i can do in the next days.
I have current a lot of work to do.

sorry, i wrote bad
i wanted to say, hat for a NOOB like me, i can’t use it with all the potential of this extension that’s very good. i was not polemic, sorry


… calm guys …:grinning:
It’s fair to see the product before buying it …
Italo had a good idea, for some extensions a video is right.

P.S. I’ve already bought an extension from Mika and work well!
Mika is also professional.

Greetings to everyone


I bought it from Mika via his blog. He sent me the extension file at the same day and it worked perfect out of the box. Many problems were solved for me by this extension and I saved much time. So I think it was really worth the money!

( I use it for 10 Horizontal Arrangements, which are located like rows in a Vertical Scroll Arrangement. In these Horizontal Arrangements are labels and Images and Buttons. With the Click Extension it was possible to use this as a workaround for listviews. At the end of the Horizontal Arrangements is a button to load the next 10 items into my Vertical Scroll Arrangement)


hello community members, BUY this extension! :yum:

it is so much more powerful than buttons, because you can make a label clickable.
And labels can handle HTML-format, for example to < u >underline < /u > parts of the text…
and you can use the materialiconregular.ttf to write a icon to the label…
and you can get rid of the annoying margins of buttons [uncheck has margin]

I deeply hope, MIKA will work further on this extension to add touchdown and touchup event triggers and a “show visual feedback when label is clicked or touched”

cheers, user81

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I also bought the extension. It is working fine with no problems.


nice extension :wink: but

seriously, I am not a programmer but don’t you think somebody who would be able to do this would also be able to make his own extension / does not need thunkable to create his apps?

just my thought on this :wink:

cheers, Chris

That’s not true, most of the users won’t know how to make “component” arguments and etc. Plus, decompiling and making an extension from that, is really easy.

Best regards

While waiting for cool updates, I enabled a visual feedback for clicking a Horizontal Arrangement with clock component:

Hi there,

no big issue, but sometimes bugs hep to understand the underlying processes:

I have a label with imported fonttype MaterialIcon-Regular.ttf (I use it to display a heart symbol) in a Horizontal Arrangement, but it does not fill the whole space of the horizontal arrangement. I registered the horizontal arrangement with click listener and did not register the label with click listener.

Now it appears, that the horizontal arrangement is clickable, but not at the space, where the label is.
normal Labels are no problem. maybe this is because of the font import but I do not know.

as I said in the beginning, no big issue, but somebody may be interested in this factum.

cheers, user81

Hello @Mika
Is there limited components for each single listener or we are free to add as many as we want?

There you are.

:grin::grin::grin::grin:You = My Best Developer .And You Funny To Bro :grin: