[Paid] Click/ long click listener extension

Hello thunkers! :slight_smile:

Today i will release the first version of my new extension called “Click listener Extension”

Everyone knows that some components like images don’t have a click event…

:dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

From now on it is possible to make click events for following components with the help of my extension:

  • Images
  • Labels (text labels)
  • Horrizontal arrangements
  • Vertical arrangements

But that’s not all!
I have add a long click listener to all of these components too! :blush:

Here you will see the methods and below a example how to use this blocks:

Why do you need to set a id?
So that you can identify and manage clicks from any component.
You can drag so many same listeners how you want, BUT don’t take the same id two times.

You can buy the extension here.

BUY it via PayPal
On my blog

I hope you will like it :slight_smile:


Excellent! Thanks.

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You are welcome! :slight_smile:
Listview and listpickers don’t work current.
Maybe i can add this in the future too.

I just purchased it.


Pm is out :slight_smile:


Cool extension! I might buy it in the near future.

I wish it was free though :sob:

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Thank you.
You are welcome :slight_smile:

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Great extention!

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@Mika ,you always keep pushing the boundaries of thunkablevwith great projects. This is a must have extension.thanks


Thank you very much for the warm words. :slight_smile:
Nice to see that my work helps other thunkers :blush:

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I just tried the extension placing some regular clickable components mixed with the non clickable ones that will detect click and long click with your extension.
I was trying to see what happens when you click on a component, inside a now clickable arrangement, and it detects the click perfectly. It detects the arrangement click ONLY if the touch is made in an empty space of the arrangement. If you touch on a component inside the clickable arrangement, the component is detected and not the arrangement, as it should be.
In short, it works.


Thank you very much for the nice review. :slight_smile:
I hope that now everybody knows that the extension works :slight_smile:

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works really great however is there a workaround for my problem:
I have a vertical Arrangement with a webviewer inside.
So I like to maximize the vertical Arrangement once the user long presses the webviewer…

Is it possible to have this click event extension and the gesture exentsion in the same arrangment. In other words, will the arrangement be able to detect swipes and clicks?

Yes look puravidaapps.com extensiónes Andres cotes

puravidaapps.com is not related with @Mika Extensions at all. Taifun extensions has nothing to do with @Mika’s?

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There is no test apk :slight_smile:
if you want it, buy it.

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Take a look to the reviews in this topic from other peoples :slight_smile:
Everything works.

I’m not the only one who likes to test things before buying it. I do not understand why you do not add the apk file for the test. Good contunuation and thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Because bad guys can extract the source code from a apk… and then my work was senseless.
That’s the reason why i don’t release a apk.

If you want to support a developer buy it and then you will see, he don’t lie :smiley:

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