[Paid] Chat listView extension update (23/01/2018)


Hi please screen shot pay i no recibe money today thanks


Hello, plz a free version? God will bless you. Coz didn’t have any money [email protected]


Hello! I created this app with the extension Chat list view. It’s a joke app, just to laugh a little. What do you think? A greeting and thanks for this fantastic extension


@Dani_M, Nice app…however, You could save the conversations using the Tinydb


how to save messages and get loaded when screen opened???


you must have the chats stored somewhere and with a foreach loads the information to the list


Can you give this extension for free please my request to you


Can you show me block part of this extention ??



No this is not


Show me block part that you using on this video ?


i send example with extension please check


When button1. Click do
Call chatlistview1. send Message
Title “suman”
Message “hello world”

Its showing error


I want to see your aia block part show me screenshot


please send mail i suport and help you


[email protected]


paid, didn’t saw download link


Hi! I did buy this extension in the past. I have the last version of the extension. Somebody know about this error (Unknown pattern character “Y” Error runtime). It happens when you start the app. When deleted the extension in my proyect, the error is fixed.

I really love this component and I need to use it … but I do not know why this happens on some phones. For the moment I have seen what happens in Dogge, sony xperia and xiaomi (I do not know the models, but they are from a few years ago, with android 5 or 6).



Please show error


Sorry, i forgot add the screenshot . This is the error. I replace with the older version of the extension, and work fine